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Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 5 credits each school year (grades 7-12) in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Seniors must also earn a minimum of 5 credits in their final year in order to graduate even if their total number of credits exceeds 23. Students who fail to meet any of these requirements will have to attend summer school or be retained in their present grades. Students who want to graduate from the college preparatory program must schedule their electives so that they earn at least 2 credits in one foreign language--i.e., 2 years of the same foreign language.

Students who fail one or more courses may be eligible to attend an approved summer school to make up the course(s) depending on their class attendance records and the recommendations of their respective classroom teachers. Vo-tech students must earn a minimum of 2 credits at the home school to be eligible for summer school. Those students who enroll in an approved summer school program may earn no more than 3 credits, of which only 2 can be full-credit courses (i.e., English, Science, + Health/P.E.)

In order to graduate from the senior high school, students must succesfully complete 23 credits during grades 9-12. Among the total credits earned, students must meet the basic subject-area requirements, as outlined below:

Graduation Requirements
4.0 credits
Social Studies
3.0 credits
3.0 credits
3.0 credits
Arts and/or Humanities
2.0 credits
1.0 credits
5.7 credits
1.3 credits
23.0 total credits

In addition to the above credits, students must also successfully complete a senior academic project (including a formal presentation of the project) in order to receive their high school diploma.

Senior Project Handbook

Needed to view Senior Project Handbook document.


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