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Junior/Senior High School Tutoring Programs

M.E.T. Tutoring

Hanover Area is pleased to provide tutoring to seventh, eighth and ninth grade students in math and English to expand and improve knowledge in these content areas. Hanover Area teachers, in conjunction with local King's College and Wilkes University education majors, are available two days per week to assist students in mastering subject matter. M.E.T. participants meet in the library from 2:00 until 2:30. Students are able to take the late bus home.

Students are recommended for this program by teachers, parents or the school counselor. Once parent permission is secured students are required to attend each session. After sustaining passing grades the student will be evaluated and may be dismissed from the program.


Each Wednesday during the school year from October until May, students who are in need of extra help in any subject are able to receive instruction from a peer volunteer. Tutoring is provided in all subject areas. Volunteer tutors are obtained from the student body. Tutors volunteer to teach one day per week during eighth period (2:00 until 2:30). Students may sign up to provide tutoring or to receive tutoring in the school counselor's office. Transportation home is provided through district transportation on the late bus.


During the second semester, Mrs, Grosky provides instruction in Algebra I concepts to any student who wishes to prepare for the Keystone Algebra I exam which is administered in May. Students are required to successfully pass this content area exam to earn a diploma. Mrs. Grosky reviews concepts and key vocabulary providing an excellent refresher in course content. Students who are interested may sign up with Mrs. Grosky or in the counseling office. Late bus transportation is provided.

*If you have any questions or concerns about our tutoring programs please feel free to contact our guidance or administrative offices at 831-2300.

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