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Memorial Elementary Clubs and Organizations

Select Chorus

Chair - Mr. Fred Pacolitch

This club is open to sixth grade students who complete the audition process for the director and attend extra rehearsals throughout the school year. The group performs for various programs in school, and usually entertains the lower elementary school during the holidays. Occasionally, a community organization requests a program at this time also.

Band (Instrumental Lessons)

Chair - Mr. Fred Pacolitch

This extracurricular program is open to fifth and sixth grade students who wish to learn to play a band instrument (trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and drums). They are required to acquire an instrument, practice regularly, and maintain their instrument. They are also expected to complete all class assignments they miss during their weekly lessons at school.

Stage Crew

Chair - Mr. Fred Pacolitch

This hard-working group is also limited to sixth grade students who take a test of their stage and theater knowledge to be selected. Each class stage crew alternates duties for one month during the school year.

Student Council

Chair - Mrs. Carla Myers

Each Election Day, one student and one alternate from each homeroom are voted to office by their peers. Throughout the year, representatives perform several activates such as volunteer, social and financial that promote a sense of community and responsibility under the advisor's vision.

Memorial Elementary 2010-2011 Student Council Representatives

5-1 John Jason Hooper (rep)
Lindsey Williams (alt)

5-2 Alexa Graboske (rep)
Malina Mack (alt)

5-3 Kamrin Kutlus (rep)
Cassidy Bryk (alt)

5-4 Jared Stafanowicz (rep)
Katherine Lux (alt)

5-5 Henry McNair (rep)
Hailey Neason (alt)

5-6 Kayla Shaffer (rep)
Brooke Stevens (alt)

6-1 Khabriyah Ballard (rep)
David Ristagno (alt)
6-2 Karly Bennett (rep)
Mark Kocher (alt)
6-3 Aubrey Scavone (rep)
Gillian Barber (alt)
6-4 Samaura McCloe (rep)
Brandon Breukner (alt)
6-5 Shelby Monk (rep)
Gabby Baiamonte (alt)
6-6 Kaylee Politz (rep)
Kailey Orzechowsk (alt)





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