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Title I Reading Grades 5 & 6

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Tips for Better Readers

A Great Strategy for Reading Textbooks
SQRW is a four step strategy for reading and taking notes.  Each letter stands for one step in the strategy.  Using SQRW will help you to understand what you read and prepare a record of what you have learned.


Survey.  Think about what you already know about the subject.  Survey the chapter by reading the titles, introduction, headings, and the summary or conclusion.  Be sure to look at all pictures, tables, maps, and graphs.  Read the caption that goes with each. You will quickly learn what that chapter is about.
Question.  Form questions in your mind as you read.  Questions give you a purpose for reading and stayed focus on what you are reading.  Use words like who, what, when where and why to form questions.
Read.  Read the information under each heading to find the answer to the questions that you formed.  As you read, you may need to form new questions. Stay focused and flexible and gather as much information as possible.
Write.  Write each question and answer in your notebook.  Make sure all your questions and answers contain all the important information needed.


"The whole world opened to me when I learned to read." Mary McLeod Bethune






Date last updated March 1, 2007




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