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The Hanover Area School District, located in the scenic Wyoming Valley, is comprised of Hanover Township, and the boroughs of Warrior Run, Sugar Notch and Ashley. The School District encompasses approximately 30 square miles. The district consists of the Junior/Senior High School (grades 7-12), Memorial Elementary (grades 4,5,6), Lee Park Elementary Center (grades 2,3), and Hanover Green Elementary (grades 1,K).
The District Budget is comprised of revenue derived from local sources (taxes), state funding, and federal projects. The approximate percentages of these revenue sources are 56% local, 40% state and 4% federal.

Attendance & Discipline
District policy stresses the importance of regular school attendance. Penalties for excessive absenteeism are explained in student handbooks and board policies and may range from parental letter of truancy to filing of charges with the local magistrate's office.

Written policy delineates expectations and consequences for infraction of rules. Disciplinary procedures can range from detention and denial of privileges to suspension, or in most serious cases, to expulsion.

Hanover Area is a comprehensive K-12 school district. The district offers basic and advanced placement courses in several subject areas. With the cooperation of the Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center (WBCTC), the district offers vocational training in building trades, power mechanics, food service, cosmetology and data processing. The curricular offerings at Hanover Area Jr./Sr. High School have been designed to provide a strong core of skills, enhanced by electives oriented towards personal interests and career goals. The district's goal is to prepare our students for post-secondary experiences, whether in further education, the armed forces or as a member of the work force..

The District's curriculum is coordinated by the Superintendent, the Director of Curriculum and building principals. Faculty committees, working under a five-year curriculum development cycle, review, revise, and update the curriculum. Curriculum guides for each planned course assure that the curriculum is consistent throughout the district schools.

Student Achievement
Approximately 73% of our graduates seek higher education. Hanover Area students score above the national average on standardized achievement tests. Students are encouraged to enter various local, state, and national competitions. Hanover Area students have demonstrated their accomplishments in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS), the Voice of Democracy Contest, National History Day, Mock Trial, and Youth Salute.
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate from the Hanover Area Junior/Senior High School, a student must successfully complete 21 approved credits which include: 4 credits of English, 3 credits of Social Studies, 3 credits of Mathematics, 3 credits of Science, 2 credits of Arts & Humanities, 5 credits of electives and 1 credit of Health & Physical Education. The high school is fully accredited by the Middle States Association.

The District affords specialized programs of instruction specifically designed to meet the needs of the District's exceptional students. With assistance from the Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18, exceptional students have access to a complete special education program in such support areas as Learning, Life Skills, Emotional, Speech and Language, Hearing, Visual and Gifted.

The primary purpose if the Secondary Instructional Support (SIS) is to provide a classroom climate and approach, where all students achieve success. Secondary Instructional Support provides a vehicle for identifying barriers to student success and for implementing instructional techniques, adaptations, learning strategies, and/or classroom management, as needed, in order to increase student achievement.

Thirty school buses, owned and operated by Churnetski Transportation, transport elementary students who live beyond 1.5 miles, and secondary students who live beyond 2 miles. Other students may qualify for busing because they live along routes declared hazardous by the PA Department of Transportation.

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